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Haitong Boyuan is an international comprehensive freight agent, specialized in providing premium transport services by sea, air and inland for global customers, as well as agency services in warehousing, customs declaration and commodity inspection, etc. Since its inception, the service network has been, under rapid development, extended to major ports and cities of the five continents on the earth, laying solid foundations for systematic and single-stop logistics services. Haitong Boyuan has established and maintained close partnerships with around 20 top global ship companies in only a few years since its recognition as NVOCC, and has agency partners in many countries, which greatly enhances the link of Haitong Boyuan with ship companies and customers, as well as links between ship companies and customers. As a result, we win the trust in the industry with our premium services.

Starting out from Tianjin Port, Haitong Boyuan has spread its branches over Shanghai City, Shandong Province and Shenzhen City, and extended its freight network and transport service system across East China, central region of South China and the surrounding regions. Nowadays, the Company is capable of importing and exporting goods at around 60,000 TEU per year. Through years of development, Haitong Boyuan has built a logistics network system centralizing on Southeast Asian and European regions, and involving preponderant airlines of Japan, Korea, Europe, Southeast Asia, South America, Indian Subcontinent, Africa and Middle East, etc. Out of question, Haitong Boyuan is now an international freight agent, functioning as a bridge over and a link with ships, ports and goods.

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