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     公司秉承 "专业高效,诚信经营"的宗旨,开阔思路,创新发展,业务范围不断扩大,可代理业务范围包括:海运出口、进口;空运出口、进口;内贸支线运输;陆运集卡、散货运输;出口清关、进口清关;亚马逊以及海外到门运输服务;保税、仓储服务。
公司将紧跟市场步伐,及时掌控世界经济贸易动向,努力开发市场,根据不同客户的需求,为客户量身制订整体性的物流解决方案。并积极储备供应商资源,做到上下游协同发力,做大做强企业。Shanghai Daseair Int'l Logistics Co.,Ltd. is one of the international freight forwarders in Shanghai China.

As totally an independent International Freight Forwarders, Daseair Logistics provides a tailored logistics solution to suit your particular product. Moving your product within your time frame and to your designated destination - delivering where you want it, when you want it.

Professionally endorsed and with complete flexibility, Daseair Logistics offers a comprehensive package incorporating; world wide multi-modal freight forwarding, on site computerised customs clearance, handling, warehousing, packing and an extensive range of added value services.

Total independence means that Daseair Logistics has the ability to recommend and select freight routings on a non-biased basis. Experienced staff understand and appreciate customer requirements and offer a friendly personal service. The management team have been with the company for many years, building on customer confidence, and providing forwarding solutions for numerous blue chip organisations who use Daseair' services again and again.

Effective routings and knowledge of local conditions is vital to time-sensitive movements. Daseair' specialist personnel will design services, ensure customs compliance and provide the very best tax planning opportunities.

Added value international Logistics service is also provided for individual client who needs.

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